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Maine Coons maintenance and care

What is the best way to tell you that your pet is healthy and you care for him properly? Of course, the condition of his fur! Maine Coon wool with proper care for it gives this cat a unique look-the appearance of a wild and attractive beast, in addition, it is very functional and perfectly adapted to protect the animal from cold and overheating. 

Grooming of a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon wool is one of the main distinctive features of the breed. Each hair grows from an individual hair follicle that fits the muscle. Reduction of this muscle provides movement of the hairs, so, for example, the cold fur of a Maine Coon is particularly lush. The Maine Coons coat, like most breeds, includes three types of hairs. 

The first type includes thick guard hairs. The second type of hair – coarse tactile hairs. These hairs are also called "vibrissae". With their help, cat perceives the external world. A lot of nerve endings are concentrated in these hairs, which gives them increased sensitivity.

 In addition, Maine Coons have well-developed hairs of the third type-thin hairs of the undercoat. Male and female cats wool differs in color and texture. Male cats color is usually brighter and more saturated, but the hair is harder than female cats, and is more dense. 

Most cats do not like water and prefer to wash themselves by licking. Usually this is enough, unless the cat accidentally got dirty, for example, on the street in bad weather, or during repairs or cleaning the apartment. In any case, cats have to bathe from time to time. And especially carefully it is necessary to do in preparation for the exhibition.

Maine Coons are considered a breed of water lovers, but not all calmly perceive the procedure of bathing. Therefore, the animal should be accustomed at an early age. In any case, bathing should take place in the bathroom in private: firstly, the Maine Coon will not have the desire and will not be able to break free, and secondly, you will save the animal from the draft.

The Maine Coon breed belongs to semi-longhaired cats, and although their coat practically does not fall down, when bathing cats of this breed have to comply with certain rules.

Before bathing you need to make all the usual procedures: remove the cat's fur fallen out and tangled hair by simply combing, check whether she has small wounds on the skin, clean her ears and trim her claws.

The bathing procedure itself is quite simple. Throughout this ordeal calmly talk with the cat. Your soft voice will help her to stay calm.

Fill the sink (or a small basin-it is better to put it on a sturdy stool in the bathroom) with very hot water, depth of ten centimeters. Some cat owners recommend to put a towel on the bottom of the sink so that the paws of the cat do not slide. Cat will be less nervous, and it will be easier to wash. During the bathing procedure it is best to hold the cat by the scruff. Grab cat’s leather gently but firmly. It will be much more convenient if you have an opportunity to engage in someone from adult members of the family to accomplish such procedure. This will speed up the process. You should wet the animal evenly with a sponge and gently rub the shampoo into the hair. Most cats accept the inevitable when they are already wet. Long-haired cats, in any case, can not be rubbed from side to side, this can lead to confusion of wool. They should be washed with movements similar to squeeze. Use only shampoos specifically designed for cats. This is especially important for shampoos used to fight with fleas and ticks. If the cat is infested, you will also have to moisten and lather her head. Do not allow the shampoo to get into the maw, nose, eyes and especially in the ears! The more shampoo you use, the longer and harder the rinsing process will be. Therefore, to obtain a rich foam, we recommend to use a sponge.

It’s better to use a shower for washing wool. Streams of water from the shower should be weak, no massage with the shower. While rinsing you need to put the water jet from the head during the hair. Massage gently with hands, to wash away reliably the remnants of shampoo or soap, which can lead to unwanted itching and irritation of the skin.

If the cat's hair was heavily soiled, it is recommended to repeat washing again.

After bathing, you can also put a special conditioner on your cat, and then rinse her again.

Cat’s drying should be either naturally or with a hairdryer (it is also necessary to teach your kitten from an early age). First of all dry the cat with a towel by gentle movements. Many breeders advise to soak wool with several paper towels. It especially concerns to our semi-longhaired Maine Coons, long curls of wool which can be tangled by wiping with a towel. Then you need to wrap the wet animal in a big warm dry towel and keep in a wind-protected place near a heat source (radiators, heaters, etc.) or on the hands. After the cat’s coat has dried completely, it should be brushed. Blow-drying and combing should be started when the hair is dry a little. Scratch with the comb to dry: the breast – from the bottom up, under the throat, behind the ears, cheeks – from the bottom up, sides up, tummy in different directions, and ruffle legs.

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