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Maine Coon mono-breed cattery.

Welcome to our website, Dear Friends! 

Our friendly family of Gusarovs very glad to you! Let’s meet! We, Olga and Sergei Gusarov, live in the magical city of St. Petersburg. Our cattery “of Golden Happiness” is registered in the International Cat Federation e.V. (Darmstadt, Germany) on May 15, 2013. We live together with five dogs, three of them are Golden Retriever breed, two girls and one little coward boy, the fourth girl of the Irish Red Setter breed, the fifth girl is a rescued pooch Zhuzha, and, of course, our furry and wonderful Coons. 

Looking for the most beautiful, the most desirable kitten of your dream? Every day flipping through the pages on the Internet, but haven’t  found the only kitten that will make your heart freeze with delight?

We suggest you not to waste time on useless searches of catteries which will turn your dream into reality any more!

Why us?

Because you have already found a cattery, whose daily activities-the cultivation of healthy, charismatic, bright kittens, gorgeous representatives of the amazing breed Of Maine Coon cats. Kittens that like customers, kittens, from the look at which your heart will tremble and melt. This cattery is us.

Sad facts about why 85% of upset people who decided to buy a kitten Maine Coon in strange places, believing the colorful ads on the Internet:

Do you know that according to statistics, almost 100% of customers want to buy a beautiful, different from others, gorgeous, bright representative of the breed Maine Coon kitten? 

Also 85% of them eventually buy a simple, an ordinary kitten or a pitiful semblance of a real Maine-Coon?

We will tell you what’s their main mistake!

The mistake is not even that people often spend a lot of money to purchase a kitten. After all, not even the most expensive kitten can be very beautiful. Not that they have no taste — 97% of people have an innate sense of harmony and may well distinguish the ordinary from magic! It’s very simple, the only reason— it is Unfair, Unprofessional, Poor-quality work of some catteries. And more often, (and this is even sadder), in the absence of any work at all… Think about these figures: 9 from 10 people buy wrong kitten, just because the breeder and the customer didn’t understand each other.

Why do customers buy kittens in our cattery?

  1. We’re professionals.
  2. We have an individual approach to each customer.
  3. We are the only ones who engaged in breeding cats exclusively in two colors: red solid-dark, bright, rich, magical red color. Cream solid-gentle as marshmallows, warm as a summer evening cream color.
  4. All our kittens have a stunning character, have unrestrained love for a person and will never show fear or aggression towards you.
  5. Our kittens get along well with children, quickly adapt to the house, where there are other animals.
  6. Since the childhood our kittens receive all the best for the correct growth and development.
  7. We do not skimp on our kittens.
  8. This is not business. For us it is a very expensive hobby.
  9. When our kittens move into a new home at the age of 3.5-4 months they have:
  • Pedigree
  • Veterinary passport with all necessary vaccinations and preventive deworming.
  • Food for the first time, which they ate in our house.
  • Toys
  • Personal, beautiful carriage.
  • Microchip (for the request of the new owner).

We love our animals!

For someone, the banal phrase: «They are members of our family», for us is a vital principle! We choose new parents for our furry kittens very carefully. I always believe that kittens from our cattery will find such a family as ours. After all, you must understand that giving love to your new friend, give him warmth and affection, in return you will receive an invaluable gift — all-consuming love, devotion and care for you. Don’t be surprised! And care too. Taking care of your mood, about eating something in time and don’t forget to feed your friend. You can be absolutely sure of the purity of our kittens. When we choose our procreators, we always focus on — healthy genetics, purity and transparency of pedigrees, also an excellent type. Our cats came from an excellent, proven catteries. All our pets have an excellent, balanced character, are absolutely socialized, healthy, and as a result they inherit to their children. We raise kittens from the first days almost on hand. There is a lot of space in our cattery and there is no crowding, what is very important. The boys live in a separate, large room with access to the terrace. Girls are all inside the house (because they are few), except of the boys territory of course. We eliminate unplanned mating and each cat gives birth to at most one litter per year. Kittens grow up with their mothers in a separate, large room, where everything is provided for them. We do not grow our kittens in cages. They have their own kitten’s room, bright, clean and spacious.

If you are still not sure then come join us! come meet with us, the kittens, their parents and drink tea and eat biscuits together! Well, we won’t take up much of your time. Enjoy your trip on the website of our cattery! We hope that our cats will cheer you up, and some of our kittens will be your faithful friends for many years! Please write and ask us, we are always glad to meet you!

Sincerely yours, Olga and Sergey Gusarov.

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